Learn all the Spanish you need for real life, in practical, dynamic and funny way creating different communicative situations.


Learn all the Spanish you need for real life,
in a practical, fun way creating different communicative
situations with Your Spanish Teacher.


“ I create communicative situations in order to start a conversation and discover the structure of the language”

My name is Fátima Jiménez, a native Spanish teacher with a degree in Hispanic Philology. I started teaching Spanish as a foreign language more than ten years ago and my goal is to help you learn Spanish in a productive, natural and engaging way.



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What Students Say


Me encanta aprender otros idiomas, pero a veces las clases son muy aburridas. Y cuando empecé a hacer/tomar clases con Fátima aprender español fue muy natural y divertido. Tus clases son muy dinámicas y con contenidos adaptados a mis necesidades. Tus clases pueden ser presenciales y online, lo que me permite aprender de cualquier sitio/lugar. Fátima es nativa, llena de energía y tiene mucho amor por su trabajo. Tengo mucho que agradecerle por ayudarme en este proceso de aprendizaje y comprender una cultura diferente.


I have been studying Spanish with Fátima for a year, and it has helped me greatly in my life here in Barcelona, as well as being a hugely enjoyable and interesting process of learning. Fatima is an exceptional teacher – she makes even the most difficult concepts seem simple and always finds learning materials and topics of conversation that are hugely interesting, current, and appropriate to my interests and level of knowledge. I’ve already learned loads, and continue to do so. Thank you so much, Fátima!


Quiero dar las gracias a Fátima, mi profesora. Sus clases me encantan. Me ayudó a entender lo que se necesita para seguir aprendiendo. Las actividades fueron interesantes y creativas. Fue muy fácil comunicarse, la profesora entendió mis deseos y posibilidades perfectamente.

Claire Baulieu, France

I really recommend Fatima as your Spanish teacher. She is highly professional and at the same time learning Spanish with her is really funny. She has the ability to understand your learning needs and to move them into a customized session. Thanks to Fatima I improved my writing & speaking in Spanish.! Fatima is very patient and creative to assure a good session!


Fátima’s lessons cover lots of topics and grammar structures whilst still keeping things funny and interesting. She has helped me gain confidence in speaking Spanish by being patient and encouraging. I would happily recommend Fátima to people who want to learn Spanish!

Ingvild Haukeland, Norway

I can really recommend Fátima as a Spanish teacher. She is very calm and patient, and uses a great mix of conversation, grammar and  tasks, so you don’t lose your concentration and learn many different things. She has been very flexible with her lesson planning, and has adapted it to my needs. I learned a lot in a short time, thank you so much, Fátima.

Alessandro, Italy

I am thoroughly enjoying learning Spanish with Fátima. She’s a very supportive teacher and her course is well paced, so concepts have a chance to sink in before new ones are added, and the regular homework bridges the gaps between classes well. I am definitely happy with my progress over the last few months. Highly recommended.

Alexia Chabaud, Switzerland.

I studied with Fatima for four months, thanks to her I improved tremendously in Spanish in a very short amount of time. I like is very multi-facetted, she uses different books and methods to get the point across. In particular, she makes a great use of technology, by using supports such as videos, web search, news articles, interactive exercises, etc. This makes the class highly dynamic and allows to practice various skills all at once. On top of that, Fatima is very warm and friendly, and I truly enjoyed exchanging with her and discussing various topics. She’s very clear and to the point, which make it easier to understand grammar and more difficult topics. I would recommend her as a Spanish teacher without any hesitation.