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Allow me to introduce myself!

I am Fátima Jiménez, a native Spanish teacher with a degree in Hispanic Philology and with more than ten years of experience.

I have taken courses on language teaching such as the Training Course for Teachers of Spanish Language for Foreigners of International House and the Master’s Degree in Secondary Education Teaching.


How was Your Spanish Teacher born?

It all started a long time ago … I was a student of Hispanic Philology at the university, I loved reading, travelling and meeting people from other countries. In those years I made many foreign friends at the university. It was great fun to meet people from other countries. I always had interesting conversations and learned new things and customs: the traditional Christmas tea of the Nordic countries, the advent calendar that a German friend gave me, international dinners with friends (and the fantastic Spanish omelette I used to cook for them), etc. Without realizing it, I started teaching Spanish to my friends. They always asked me grammar questions and I had fun teaching them expressions and new words. And just like that, I started teaching Spanish. I was good at it and I enjoyed doing it. A little later, I decided to take specialized courses and undergo further training. After a while I started working at a school and I felt like a fish in the wàter. I loved the experience and I discovered that I could make a living doing what I liked. It was fun to teach Spanish and to connect with people from other countries through language and culture. Since then, I’ve taught in different schools and met students from all over the world. I’ve wanted to open my own space for some time now, my little Spanish school. Now you know a little bit about the history of Your Spanish Teacher.

My Spanish Classes

Life is too short! Entertaining and productive classes! This is how Your Spanish Teacher’s will be:
  • You will learn Spanish using communicative situations.
  • We’ll practice the different skills in same session.
  • We’ll establish your Spanish study goals.
  • The learning materials will be varied and entertaining.
  • We’ll use varied and entertaining learning  materials.
  • At the end of each class I’ll send you homework
  • I’ll evaluate your learning progress and I’ll give you practical advice.

How Does it Work? It’s very easy!

First you do a trial lesson free for 30 minutes using Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts!
If you like the class you can choose your schedule and your pack for 5 classes or 10 classes.
You have to do the payment in advance by paypal or bank transfer.

It’s all! Now you are ready to enjoy your class!

Your first Class Free


Spanish course with sessionsis given according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR / CEFR) and the Instituto Cervantes Curricular Plan for all levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. The sessions are individual or in a group guided by the teacher online.

In all the courses you will practice the different communication skills and competences with are involved in learning a language:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening comprehension
  • Oral expression
  • Written expression
  • Grammar
  • Conversation
  • Vocabulary
  • Different registers: colloquial, formal, etc.


  • Single class one-to-one 30 euros per hour
  • Flexible Pack 5 classes on-to-one  / 5 hours 150 euros
  • 5 one-to-one classes / 5 hours for month: 100 euros
  • 9 one-to-one classes /  9 hours for month: 180 euros


  • 2 classes per week / 120 euros per month


Spanish courses for professionals who need to learn and improve Spanish for their work. You will learn how to make presentations, intervene in meetings, conduct job interviews, write emails, negotiate, use a formal registry, etc.


  • 40 euros per hour


The student will study the different types of activities, tips and recommendations, will work on a variety tests and will carry out mock exams.

  1. Practical information, knowledge of the different tests.
  2. Practice of the different test and exams models.
  3. Mock exam and correction.

Contact Me

🇧🇷   Renata Nadalutti


Me encanta aprender otros idiomas, pero a veces las clases son muy aburridas. Y cuando empecé a hacer/tomar clases con Fátima aprender castellano/español fue muy natural y entretenido/divertido. Tus clases son muy dinámicas y con contenidos adaptados a mis necesidades. Tus clases pueden ser presenciales y online, lo que me permite aprender de cualquier sitio/lugar. Fátima es nativa, llena de energía y tiene mucho amor por su trabajo. Tengo mucho que agradecerle por ayudarme en este proceso de aprendizaje y comprender una cultura diferente.

🇫🇷   Claire Baulieu.


I really recommend Fatima as a Spanish teacher. She is highly professional and at the same time it’s fun to learn Spanish with her. She is able to understand your learning needs and translate them into a customized session. Thanks to Fatima I improved my Spanish level (both writing & speaking)! Fatima is very patient and creative to insure a good session!

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿   Jordan Vincent,


I would highly recommend taking Spanish lessons with Fatima, In 3 months of lessons I have went from 0 to being able to have a conversation with local Spanish people. The clases are enjoyable but also they are relaxed which really helped me with my Spanish because at first I was a little nervous about saying the wrong thing.